At Southern Surgical Care we are sympathetic to patient’s situations and conscious of how costs associated with care can affect them. Out of pocket expenses are usually predictable and reasonable with the majority of patients’ fees covered by health fund payments and/ or Medicare. In most situations, total expenses can be predicted and our team members are always happy to describe these for you. We are committed to avoiding unexpected costs such as assistant fees and anaesthetist charges.

Above all else, we are interested in your wellbeing and will never recommend a surgical procedure unless it is likely to improve your situation. We take the time to perform individual assessments, considering a patient’s circumstances before looking at options for treatment and making recommendations. Many times, discussions in our rooms is all that’s required and costs associated are minimal.

We are committed to providing an accurate assessment of a patient’s situation from the initial consult, complete with an explanation of charges involved. Along with this, We ensure your out of pocket costs are known from the start and you are not faced with unexpected costs! This will include all aspects of care involved when a surgical procedure is recommended.

Urgent conditions:

Many patients we see are suffering reversible conditions or are in need of urgent intervention. In most circumstances, we can figure something out to get you access to appropriate care regardless of the situation. It is best to discuss your situation with the surgeon during an initial consultation so that we have the full picture. Note that we provide care for non-insured patients, though time until access to treatment is affected by public waitlists.

We ensure your out of pocket costs are known from the start and you are not faced with unexpected costs!